The most commonly used Von Frey filaments are productive in evaluating behavioral responses of neuropathic pain in preclinical and clinical research. To reduce the potential experimenter bias, automated instruments are being developed for behavioral assessment. In preclinical research, neuropathic pain models of nerve injury with varied etiology like chronic constricted injury (CCI) and Spared Nerve Injury (SNI) are employed to screen the analgesic drugs to treat symptoms like allodynia and hyperalgesia.  The current study was aimed to validate and compare conventionally used Von Frey monofilaments and dynamic plantar aesthesiometer using different pain models. CCI and SNI rats were used to compare and validate the assessment of neuropathic pain using Von Frey monofilaments and automated dynamic plantar aesthesiometer.

Keywords: Mechanical Allodynia, Von Frey monofilaments, dynamic plantar  Aesthesiometer

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