In 21st century new era of – omics (pharmacogenomics, proteomics and metabolomics) paved way for revolutionary personalized medicine. and relies on valid biomarkers that pinpoint what drugs a patient should receive .Tumor biomarkers represent an effective tool for tumor diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, and therapeutic monitoringIdeally, the use of biomarkers in early trials would help predict the likelihood of success or failure of a drug in efficacy trials, guide selection of patients more likely to respond to the agent, and provide meaningful correlations with toxicity and response.Biomarkers can predict drug efficacy more quickly than conventional clinical endpoints, they hold the potential to substantially accelerate product development in certain disease.In the present articlerole and use of the genomic marker in oncology trials has been analyzed from the period of past 10 years. Translating new knowledge about Pharmacogenomicbiomarkers into routine clinical practice has become a reality rather than a futuristic vision.

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