PMNRMR Year: 2019, Volume: 2, Issue: 2

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K. Ambareesha, 1-1


Original Articles:

1. A study to find out the added effect of strength training over task specific exercises to improve stair climbing activity among sub acute and chronic stroke patients a randomized control trail.

K. Madhavi

PMNRMR 2019;2(2);2-6

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2. A comparative study to assess the efficacy of early progressive eccentric exercises versus conventional exercises on muscle size and functional performances after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: A Randomized control trial.

Edulakanti Venkat Laxman

PMNRMR 2019;2(2);7-12

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3. Involvement of opioidergic systems in the antidepressant effect of 5-aminoindazole

K. Shreya Reddy, M. Purnachandrakala

PMNRMR 2019;2(2);13-15

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4. A study of the bacterial flora of the hands & nose of health care – givers at a tertiary hospital at sangareddy

Tasneem sabuwala, B.Laxmi, M.Meera, Shobha Paul,

PMNRMR 2019;2(2);16-17

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5. Significance of liquid media in medical microbiology

T.B. Sudhir, B.Laxmi, M.Meera, G.Shobha Lata,

PMNRMR 2018;2(1);18-19

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Review Articles:
1. Promoting pediatric dentistry – An Interdisciplinary approach through pediatrics and obstetrics

B. Tapaswi Singh, Durga Prasad M, Zafaerah Sultana, Pranitha V, Dwijendra KS, Nagajun G.

PMNRMR 2019;2(2);20-33

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Case Reports:
1. Juvenile ossifying fibroma of mandibular condyle – A rare case report

Ashwini Kumar Mengji, Divya Bhavani, Supritha Patil, Satish Yakasiri,

PMNRMR 2019;2(2);24-26

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2. A Junctional megalith of submandibular gland – A rare case report

Sanjay Kishve, S.B.V.Chandrasekhar,

PMNRMR 2019;2(2);27-29

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3. A rare case of pyoderma gangrenosum associated with septal perforation, bilateral pinnaerosion, auto amputation of digits and multiple keloids.

S.B.V. Chandrasekhar, Sanjay Kishve

PMNRMR 2018;2(1);25-26

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4. Management of hypertension with highly diluted individualized medicine – A case report

Sneha B. Bevinamarad, N.Shobarani,

PMNRMR 2019;2(2);33-36

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